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1500 Neurenberg - 1550 Leipzig
Greek heroines
Complete series of four engravings.
Tomyris hiding king Cyrus'head.
Medea and Jason
Cephalus and Procris
Paris and Oenone
Engravings, 1539
Signed with monogram in the plate.
Holl. 121 and 122 dated.
Each c. 11.7 x 7.5 cm
Provenance; Holl.120 Max Egon Fürst zu Fürstenberg (Lugt 2811
Holl. 122 Joseph-Marius Agassis
(Lugt 69 and A.C. de Poggi (Lugt 617), Holl 123 Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (Lugt 1606 and 2398).
Literature; Bartsch 70-73, Landau 73,74,75 a(b),76. Hollstein 120 1(II),121 1(II),122 only state,123 only state.
Excellent impressions.
Trimmed around and to the borderline.
A set brought together from different collections.
The impressions fit together.
It is rare to see the series complete.