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active for H. Cock in Antwerp c. 1551 - 1572
After Hieronymus Bosch c. 1450 - 1516 's Hertogenbosch
Parable of the two blind man
c. 1540 - 70
28.0 x 34.5 cm.
Signed lower right: “.H.Bos . inventor / PAVE . H.Cock . excud”
Ten lines of text in Latin and French
Watermark: deer
Literature: Hollstein 21 (I/V); Riggs 12
A good impression of the rare first state,
with ample margins printed on mid-sixteenth-century paper. The theme of The blind leading the blind was popular in the sixteenth century. It is derived from Matthew 15:13-14. The Latin inscription reads: “The blind man offers himself as guide to another blind man; it is lamentable that this happens so often nowadays. But what awaits them? What? Save only, ignorant of the way by which one is given to reach an intended destination, will they end up tumbling into an open ditch?” The French text reads: “See how the unfortunate blind man finally fares. He who foolishly trusts another blind man goes unsteadily, no matter how heavily he leans on and holds tight to his man. Thus mismatched, both he and his escort fall into the ditch.”